SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH, 2024 10 AM - 6 PM VENUE: AVANT GARDE 218 Merton Street,
(off Mount Pleasant
or Yonge Street)

The "Soulful Divorcée” event is to empower women embarking on a new chapter after divorce, relationship breakups, or a significant personal transformation. This event provides a holistic journey of healing and growth, bringing together a diverse array of vendors offering expert guidance in finance, legal matters, and personal development. Attendees will engage in enriching activities such as meditation, tea readings, yoga, and breathing exercises, fostering a sense of inner peace and renewal. Additional vendors will support the outer self through makeovers, beauty, fashion, and much more, enhancing each woman's confidence and self-expression. A panel of experts will discuss practical steps for legal assistance, financial independence, and navigating new relationships, ensuring that every woman leaves feeling supported and inspired. Women will enjoy stepping into various portals throughout the event, each designed to inspire their unique journey. Whether divorcing from a partner or an old version of themselves, this event aims to help women embrace their next adventure with confidence and clarity.

The BFM Tea Room is a sanctuary of mystical exploration and self-discovery. Here, our guests can immerse themselves in an array of spiritual experiences, from the ancient art of tea reading to insightful tarot card sessions and enlightening face readings. Each practice is performed by skilled readers who guide guests through personalized journeys, offering wisdom and clarity. The serene ambiance, coupled with the rich aroma of freshly brewed teas, creates an inviting space where individuals can connect with their inner selves and uncover deeper truths.

We would be thrilled to collaborate with you if you’re interested in hosting a fashion show at our Born For More event. This event offers a fantastic platform to showcase your unique designs and creativity to a diverse and engaged audience. By participating, you’ll have the opportunity to highlight your brand’s vision and connect with potential clients, partners, and fashion enthusiasts. Let’s work together to make this an unforgettable experience celebrating innovation, style, and empowerment.

The Soulful Divorcée Panel at the Born For More event will feature a renowned lineup of experts dedicated to inspiring and guiding women through the challenging journey of relationship breakups and divorce. This panel will offer invaluable insights and practical advice on navigating legal and financial hurdles, fostering personal growth, and rebuilding one’s life with strength and resilience. Additionally, a separate panel will focus on healing and embracing new beginnings, including expert discussions on self-care, emotional recovery, and re-entering the dating world with confidence. These panels aim to empower women, providing them with the tools and support needed to embark on a stronger, more fulfilling path forward.

Panel experts to be announced.

Previous Event

APRIL 21ST, 2024

The Soulful Beauty event was a groundbreaking exploration of the new standards of what true beauty was all about. We redefined what this meant by merging two distinct worlds that were once far apart: the inner and outer worlds. This event was uniquely designed to ignite the inner glow of all women, encouraging them to embrace their inherent, multifaceted brilliance and empower them in a revolutionary way never experienced before. It was not just an event, it was a celebration of women and a profound journey towards self-discovery and self-love, standing out in its approach to the evolving landscape of beauty ideals.

Our event seamlessly intertwined the realms of Beauty and Wellness, forging a holistic connection that elevated the overall well-being of women in every aspect of their lives.


“Born for More was a lovely event full of local wellness vendors and it was great to see new upcoming wellness products and services right in our neighborhood and connect with like-minded individuals.”

Melanie McGregor
Owner of Puppy Yoga TO and MM Entertainment

“It impacted a great community in such a beautiful way. It was beyond expectations and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Kenzie Klager

“I had such an amazing time at this Born for More event. The incredible female empowerment energy and getting a chance to connect with local business owners was my favourite part! There were so many lovely vendors ranging from wellness drinks to trendy fashion brands. Everyone was super welcoming and friendly, and I loved meeting other girl bosses in my local community!”

Cindy Liu

“Born For More was such a warm, stylish and welcoming event to attend! I was able to connect with so many lovely souls in the city who are on a similar healing and wellness journey. I was able to try out great products and services I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise! 12/10 recommend their events if you get the chance.”

Candace Cosentino

“I was overjoyed to experience the live performances & the nutritious cold-pressed shots by A+ Smoodies. I can’t forget to mention the delicious cocktails and hors d’oeuvres throughout the event.”

Trevisha Martin
Health Enthusiast

“Born for More hosted a delightful gathering featuring local wellness vendors, showcasing an array of upcoming wellness offerings. It provided an opportunity to connect with fellow wellness enthusiasts right in our community, fostering meaningful connections and discovery.”

Kiley Langille

“I had the most amazing time, incredible vendors and experiences had. I was able to have my hair and makeup touched up. Tarot cards read. And so much more. I met so many wonderful people. And can’t wait for the next event!”

Spencer Litzinger

Attending the Born For More ( and I love the name), Soulful Beauty event was an outstanding experience! The positive vibe, the wonderful vendors who provided us with important information, fabulous products, performance, thoughtful gift bags, the very well-organized and orchestrated day filled with wellness, beauty and well-being made us all feel like a bright star!

Yana Brikker
Investor Relations