Before embarking on my entrepreneurial venture, Born for More, I spent numerous years working as a flight attendant. This profession granted me the privilege to traverse the globe, exploring sacred healing sites that fueled my growing passion for the art of healing.

Over time, I delved into various self-development courses, forging a deeper connection with my inner self. Connecting the dots between my internal and external worlds, I came to a profound realization – the quality of my relationship with myself profoundly influenced the quality of everything else in my life. It dawned on me that I had been seeking love externally, only to comprehend that the genuine love I sought could only emanate from within.

Transitioning into the realm of the fashion industry, I immersed myself in styling and dressing women from diverse backgrounds, ranging from celebrities to stay-at-home moms. Regardless of their socio-economic status, I noticed a common thread – some of these women appeared discontent and lacked an inner radiance. Conversations with them unveiled a shared sentiment: despite impressive lives on paper, they weren't tapping into their full potential. Many expressed feeling drained, their eyes devoid of sparkle. They disclosed vulnerabilities, admitting a fear of showing up authentically and living under societal pressures rather than following their inner guidance.

It became clear to me that I wanted to extend a helping hand, revealing the inherent beauty within these women and showcasing their untapped capabilities. From this realization, the seed of my business was sown: to reignite the inner spark that had dimmed.

Recognizing my mission, I set out to empower other women, encouraging them to see their brilliance, connect with their inner vision, and craft lives that set their souls ablaze.


"THIS IS THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE." I am loving the process, the frequency meditations and audios are my favorite. The cosmic calls every week really enable me to release and grow. She is kind yet says what she has too.

–Alexia A.

“Working with Kathryne has been an integral part of my growth. She brings uplifting positive energy and creates a safe space to be myself. Working with her, I have learned how to listen to my own intuition when it comes to what moves to make in business and my personal life. I have gained an immense amount of courage and have left self doubt at the door.”


"THANK YOU KATHRYNE, YOU WERE SPOT ON." That is exactly what is going on and what I needed. Your female frequency is so beautiful, gentle, and very powerful at the same time.

–Sofia S.