BY Kathryne Mejias
DATE POSTED: Thursday, January 11th, 2024

Have you ever felt that unmistakable urge, bubbling up from deep within, pushing you to make a change that could transform your life? Perhaps it’s those days spent daydreaming about leaving your current relationship or the recurring fantasies of telling your boss where to go before quitting your job. These moments, which you know are holding you back, are they keeping you from venturing into a life that truly ignites your soul?

Imagine the freedom of saying “F#%* it” and stepping into the unknown, designing your life exactly as you’ve always envisioned—if only, right? If only you didn’t have so many responsibilities, bills, or those classes you believe are prerequisites for qualifying in the game of life.

But what if you did have the courage to leave it all behind and start fresh? Picture yourself on the edge, ready to jump off a cliff into the abyss, supported by wings of your own creation. It might be daunting, but the satisfaction could be profound, signalling a liberation from limiting beliefs, doubts, and burdens.

Picture for a moment the release from everything holding you back—the freedom to be who you were born to be. Can you feel the exhilaration, the sense of being truly alive? Your heart singing its own song, exploding with joy as you live a life on purpose.

No more faking it until you make it, no more numbing yourself through daily routines, and no more convincing yourself that conforming is the only way. It’s time to challenge the checklist of reasons holding you back—responsibilities, bills, family, friends, classes, work, responsibilities. Isn’t it just a list of excuses?

When you gather the courage to initiate significant life changes, there might be instances where a different sense of stagnation emerges. Why does this occur right after taking the plunge into something new? The reality is that genuine transformation originates from within.

You’re like a garden, tending to flowers while ignoring the weeds, hoping they’ll disappear. But, in reality, watering the garden feeds the weeds. To truly change your life, you must uproot those limiting beliefs, starting from the inside out.

So, ask yourself: Why do you attract the same relationships repeatedly? What beliefs about yourself keep you in your current experience? Remember, you magnetize what you are, so changing your vibration involves releasing what no longer serves you—especially those limiting beliefs.

Here are three steps to guide you:

  1. Confront limiting beliefs and fears. What if you did the thing anyway, even if it’s a small step towards your inner diva?
  2. Examine life patterns. Are you constantly attracting the same type of person? What within you needs attention?
  3. Define your desires and create a plan. Envision your future self—how does she feel, what does she do, who surrounds her? Incorporate her fearless traits into your life.

Life is a journey of deep self-reconnection, allowing you to walk this earth in alignment with your soul. Limiting beliefs disconnect us from our diva path. It’s time to stop playing small—your inner diva is ready to take her throne. If you have the courage to take the leap, rest assured that you’ll attract similar divas, people, and situations into your life. Are you ready to walk the diva path?